5 affordable accessories that complement your red iPhone


Interest in the (PRODUCT)Red iPhone has died down since its
release back in March, and the novelty has likely worn off
already for those of you who picked one up. Now it’s time to
make it interesting again!

We’ve put
together a list of five brilliant red products, all under $30,
to compliment the red iPhone and reinvigorate your love
for its unique color. Check out the video along with
details for all the accessories we’ve featured below.

Casetify ‘Red Collection’ Cases

red iPhoneCasetify’s red
collection of cases are the perfect fit.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

My first product under $30 to refresh
your red iPhone 7 are these awesome cases from Casetify.

last thing you want to do after buying a red iPhone
is hide all that color behind a case. Casetify has an
entire collection designed with that in mind that showcase the
iPhone’s aluminum unibody.

Around the
sides of the case is a soft and grippy polycarbonate edge that
helps absorb any knocks or drops you may have, without adding
too much bulk. The edges also protrude around the front
slightly, making sure that the screen is protected when placed

done a really great job of matching the bumper of the case
to the color of the iPhone, which you’d only really get from
cases especially designed for this model.

The back of the case is transparent to show off the rear of the
iPhone in all its glory, with different graphics and messages
printed on top that really pop against the red. All in all,
there’s 60 different designs to choose from, so there’ll
be something there for you.

The cases retail for $40 but you can pick them up for $30 (for
a limited time) with a 25% coupon code. To apply the
discount just enter code CULTOFMAC at checkout.

Price: $30 (with coupon code)

Buy from:

Anker PowerCore Slim 5000

battery packGive your phone a
boost with the Anker PowerCore 5000.
Photo: Anker

If you upgraded early just to get the red iPhone, chances are
red is your favorite color. So why not go all out with a red
battery pack or battery case as well?

Unfortunately the Apple
Smart Battery pack is over $30, so my pick is the Anker
PowerCore Slim charger. If you’ve not heard of Anker, they’re
currently America’s leading USB charging brand, so you know
that they’re turning out decent products.

The PowerCore 5000 is currently $30 over on Amazon and it
offers around 2 full charges for an iPhone 7 — all
while being super-slim and light at just 4.2 ounces. The
battery pack also has a silicone casing so it’s resistant to
scratching and won’t damage your iPhone.

The pack also comes with a travel pouch and 18-month warranty.
What’s not to love?

Price: $29.99

Buy from: Amazon

Anker PowerLine Lightning

lightning redMFI-certified cables
at this price?
Photo: Anker

Not enough red? Well how about a red lightning cable? Now that
you’ve got the red battery pack, compliment it with the Anker,
Apple-certified lighting cable, which is currently on sale on
Amazon for a ridiculous $8.99.

I’ve personally not got the red cable, but I have used Anker
lightning cables in the past and they’re well-made and
reliable, so I have no problem recommending them. Other than
pointing out that it’s red, there’s not much more to say. Other
than you’d be silly not to pick one up!

Price: $8.99

Buy from: Amazon

Lamicall S1 iPhone Stand

iPhone standDisplay your red
iPhone with pride with this stand.
Photo: Lamicall

What about when you’re placing it on charge at night? You’re
proud of having the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone, right?
Then this red iPhone stand is the perfect match. It’s the
Lamicall S1 iPhone stand, which can be picked up for a steal at
the moment.

Not only is it good for standing your phone up at night,
instead of just slouching it on your bedside table, it’s also
on a nice angle for watching YouTube videos and it keeps the
Lightning cable nice and neat thanks to the iMac-style cutouts
on the back.

It’s got hooks on the front to keep the phone in place as well
as rubber cushions to prevent scratching. I’ve got a similar
one at home, only in black leather, and it looks a whole lot
tidier than throwing it on the table.

Price: $9.99

Buy from: Amazon


iPhone skinCreate your own red
iPhone with skins from SlickWraps.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Last on my list are skins. If you’re really, truly bored of
having a red iPhone 7, don’t bother selling it and buying
another model. Check out SlickWraps instead.

We’ve covered SlickWraps before on the channel and I just
couldn’t leave them off of this list. If you need to change the
color of your iPhone because you’re bored of it, or just want
to change it up, these things are perfect.

They take about 15-20 minutes to install, depending on how
steady your hands are. The only thing you’ll require is a
hairdryer to heat up the edges and make the glue tacky. It’s
also super easy to get rid of any air bubbles.

If you’re constantly changing your mind, they peel off easily,
leaving no residue, so you can then replace it with another.
They also add some protection against scratches for those
guilty of placing their keys and iPhone in the same

SlickWraps has got tons of different colors and finishes,
from wood and metal to leather and even superheroes and
villains. But my favorite has to be the retro Mac skin,
which only Apple fans can really appreciate.

What’s more, if you’re reading this wishing you’d picked up a
red iPhone 7, or you dislike the white and red combo Apple
went for, you can go ahead and pick up a red skin to make
you’re own iPhone just as pretty.

Price: $19 +

Buy from: Slickwraps

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Source: appleact.com

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