A Look at iOS 11’s Entirely Redesigned App Store

One of iOS 11’s boldest changes is the revamped, redesigned App
Store that dramatically changes the look and feel of Apple’s app
marketplace. Aimed at boosting app discovery, the new App Store
doubles down on games and splits apps and games into their own
sections for the first time.

We went hands-on with the new App Store to give
MacRumors readers an idea of what to expect when iOS
11 rolls out to the public this fall.

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As seen in the video above, the iOS 11 App Store looks and feels
quite a bit different than the iOS 10 App Store. In addition to
separate tabs for Games and Apps, there’s a new “Today” view
that’s updated on a daily basis with new content.

The Today view features an App of the Day and a Game of the
Day, plus a selection of other content chosen by Apple’s App
Store editors. That content can range from featured games and
apps to interviews with developers to tips on how to use
various apps.

Individual app pages have also been updated. Apple is putting
more of a focus on reviews, distinctions like Editor’s Choice
are better highlighted, and content can be shown off with
multiple videos. There are also new options that allow things
like new in-app purchases and levels to be highlighted, letting
developers alert users when apps are updated with new features.

Along with Today, Games, and Apps, there are also the standard
sections for Updates and Search, both of which have the same
functionality as the current App Store.

The new App Store will roll out in the fall when iOS 11 sees a
public release. Registered developers can check out the new App
Store right away, while public beta testers will get access in
late June via an iOS 11 public beta.

Source: appleact.com

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