Apple celebrates Carnival in new iPhone 7 Plus video

Portrait Mode makes Carnival pop!
Portrait Mode makes Carnival pop!
Photo: Apple

Festivities for Brazil’s yearly Carnival party are set to get
underway this month and to celebrate the good times, Apple has
dropped a colorful new ad showcasing Portrait Mode on the
iPhone 7 Plus.

Try not to dance
while watching:

The new ad
was launched exclusively in Brazil and comes the day after
Apple released
two new ads for Portrait Mode
. Apple’s Carnival ad isn’t in
English, but you don’t need to speak Portuguese to understand
the power of the iPhone 7 Plus camera.

Portrait Mode

introduced Portrait
as an exclusive feature of the new iPhone 7 Plus that
launched last year. The device comes with a dual-lens camera in
the back, pairing a wide-angle lens with a telephoto lens.

using 3-D mapping software on images from the two cameras,
Apple’s Portrait Mode adds a blurring effect to subjects to
make them stand out from the background.