Apple is already testing micro LED displays for the future

Save your battery with this pretty extreme trick. Apple’s busy investigating future display
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

2017’s iPhone 8 will be the
first iPhone to boast an OLED display
, but Apple’s not
stopping it research into future display technologies.

According to a
new report, Apple will be producing a small number of trial
micro LED screens in the second half of 2017 at a factory in
Taoyuan, Taiwan. While this isn’t the kind of production volume
necessary for a product, it will give Apple the ability to
evaluate whether or not these would be a good fit for future

with LCD displays, micro LEDs have the advantage of lower power
consumption, high levels of brightness, ultra high definition,
high color saturation, faster response rate, longer lifetimes
and higher efficiency.

This isn’t the first time Apple has
explored the possibilities of micro LED displays. Back in 2014,
acquired LuxVue Technology
, a small California-based
company that specializes in “micro LED-based displays for
consumer electronics applications.”

came with several patents related to micro LED technology. At
the time, it was reported that Google was interested in using
micro LEDs for its second-generation
Google Glass headset

While this
didn’t up happening, it’s interesting that the timing of this
report comes when Apple is allegedly busy working on augmented
reality technology of its own —
possibly including a future headset
. Apple supposedly
has hundreds of engineers developing both AR and VR headsets.
It also scooped up a number of augmented-reality companies such
as Metaio and
hired some big names in VR and AR.

today’s report ultimately amounts to anything remains to be
seen. However, it’s definitely good news that Apple is keen to
stay on the cutting edge of display technologies.

Source: Digitimes


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