Apple Pay officially opens for business in Italy

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 10.56.47 You could say Apple Pay has a pizza the
Italian market. You probably shouldn’t, though.
Photo: Apple

Apple Pay is officially open for business in Italy, with Visa
and MasterCards issued by Boon, Carrefour, and UniCredit all
able to used by customers. Additional banks are set to be added
later on in 2017.

We first saw concrete proof that Apple Pay was on its way
to Italy
earlier this year
, when Apple updated the local support
document pages giving details about the service. At the
time, Apple didn’t include details of specific banks, and
used images of generic credit cards instead of branded

With Italy
added, Apple Pay is now available in the U.S., United Kingdom,
Canada, Australia, China, Singapore, Switzerland, France, Hong
Kong, Russia, New Zealand, Spain, Republic of Ireland, Ireland,
and Taiwan. It’s been a slow rollout, having first debuted in
the U.S. way back in October 2014. Apple Pay most recently
arrived in Taiwan and Ireland.

Italy represents the seventh largest
country to get Apple Pay in terms of overall population size.
Germany is likely to follow soon, having had its localized
Apple Pay support pages go live at the same time as Italy’s.

spending analytics company TXN
has described Apple Pay
as a “success story,” although noted
that there is still “lots of room for future growth.” The number
of Apple Pay transactions grew significantly last year, while the
service got a big boost when it was brought to macOS
with last
year’s Sierra update

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Apple Pay user? Leave your comments below.



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