Apple stock hits all-time high

apple stock price AAPL shares on the
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

It’s a great time to be an Apple shareholder.

Aided by a
increased confidence rating from Goldman Sachs, Apple shares
hit an all-time high today, with the price jumping to $133.76
per share before closing just above the company’s previous
record of $132.54, set on May 17, 2015.

closed Monday at an all-time of $133.29. Apple’s stock has been
steadily ticking upward since May 2016. But after Apple
released its
historic Q1 2017 earnings report
last month, the price of
AAPL shares experienced a sudden surge.

investors think the stock still has a lot more room to grow,
too. Analysts at Goldman Sachs
raised the target price on Apple to $150
, citing growing
confidence in the sales potential of the 2017 iPhone.

her report to investors, Goldman’s Simona Jankowski said the
inclusion of 3-D sensing functionality and augmented reality in
the 2017 iPhone is looking increasingly likely. If the iPhone 8
packs even half the new features that have been rumored — as
can be seen in
Cult of Mac’s iPhone 8 mockup
— it will probably
shatter sales records.

“This is a
significant step-up in innovation vs. the prior two product
cycle, especially when viewed in conjunction with the potential
significant form factor change enabled by the move to an OLED
display (e.g. removal of the bezels and the home button),”
writes Jankowski.


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