Apple teases ‘seriously badass’ iMac Pro and other new Macs at WWDC

The iMac Pro looks amazing! The
iMac Pro looks amazing!
Photo: Apple

Developers got treated to a new lineup of Macs today at WWDC
2017, including a sneak peek at a “seriously badass” iMac Pro
coming later this year.

updated both the iMac and MacBook Pro product lines with a
bunch of new internal features. The new models bring brighter
displays and more powerful CPUs that will make the Mac a VR
gaming-machine — and they’re shipping today.

That’s all well and good, but the sneak peak at the upcoming
iMac Pro really set heads spinning. The new high-spec machine
will pack a sleeker design with a “seriously badass” space gray
finish. It’s the most beautiful iMac Apple’s made, as well as
the most powerful Mac ever.

The iMac Pro will be available with an
8-core, 10-core or 16-core processor and Radeon Vega graphics.
Pricing will start at $4,999 when units go on sale in December.

New iMacs and MacBook Pros

As for the
new iMacs that you can actually buy today … For the first time
ever, Apple offers a 4K iMac that starts at $1,499. Paired with
Apple’s new Metal 2 engine for graphics, the new Macs are
Apple’s most powerful yet.

Intel Kaby
Lake processors are being added inside the new iMacs. The new
machines also pack new, super-fast Fusion drives. Three USB-C
connectors have been added to the back, giving users
Thunderbolt 3 speeds to hook up multiple peripherals.

All of the
new internals are being brought over to the new MacBook Pro
lineup. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro also starts at #1,499. All
of the new machines go on sale today.


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