Apple’s WWDC app gets new look, playlists and more

The new WWDC app is here. The new
WWDC app is here.
Photo: Apple

With its Worldwide Developer Conference set to kick off in less
than a week, Apple has sent out a new update for its WWDC iOS
app that brings a fresh look and some big new features.

Curated video playlists that focus on themes have been added to

the updated WWDC app
along with a new interactive Venue tab
that shows important information and maps.

An updated
list of the WWDC developers sessions is now available, but you
won’t be able to see what topics some of the sessions will
cover. Apple has switched the real titles with funny
replacements like “We’re a bot to reveal the name,” so as not
to spoil any of the new announcements.

The updated WWDC app can be used by
both attendees and developers who weren’t able to get a ticket.
Video sessions held during the conference will be made
available for all registered developers to view through the app
or on Apple’s website.

stickers for iMessage are also included in the update. The app
also shows that for the first time ever, Apple will have space
for developers to record podcasts in. The podcast studios will be
available for 60 minutes with space for four people.


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