Drone flyover video shows Apple Park nearing the finish line

Apple's building a new office in San Jose. Apple Park doesn’t quite look like this yet,
but it’s getting there.
Photo: Apple

It’s almost the start of a new month, so that can only mean one
thing: the latest Apple Park drone flyover video.

As with the
latest flyover videos of the site, this video shows that
construction work on buildings is almost complete, with only
minor touches still to be done. However, the most significant
work is on landscaping the massive site — which is likely to
extend through the rest of 2017.

Check out the video below.

has been opening up about its massive new Apple Park campus as
of late. In a
great recent cover story for Wired
, long-time
Apple reporter Steven Levy shared some exclusive details about
the project’s development — including some of its more
perfectionist design elements.

When it
comes to landscaping, Apple Park has been the cause of
some major
 for landscapers and architects hoping to buy
trees for other projects. Apple has been buying up thousands of
trees, which it has been storing in the nearby town of Sunol,
as well as on the construction site.

after such a lengthy development process, it’s great to see
Apple Park finally near the finish line.

What do you think of Apple’s HQ? Leave your comments below.

Source: appleact.com

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