Getting ready to sketchnote Monday’s WWDC keynote

iPad Pro with WWDC Time sketchnote displayed
Are you ready for Apple’s annual developer conference?
Photo: Andy McNally/Cult of Mac

All next week, illustrator and senior UX/UI designer
Andy McNally will be
sketchnoting Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference for us,
starting with the big keynote on Monday.

is time to get ready for the 2017 WWDC. What should I pack?
What pens should I bring? OK, maybe I’m the only one who has to
think about what pens and colored markers I need to bring.
However, it is critical to remember all of the chargers and
cables for our Apple devices.


WWDC Time sketchnote with markers on paperSketching out
the Adventure Time-themed concept for my pre-WWDC
Photo: Andy McNally/Cult of Mac
In this sketchnote, I’m just capturing my own thoughts, rather
than a live event. Having the luxury of more time means that I
could create a concept for the sketchnote on my iPad Pro using
the Tayasui Sketches
iOS app (Tayasui also offers a Mac app now).

Using the
iPad allowed me to practice what I wanted to sketch first, and
also to rearrange the items if I did not like the position or
spacing. Practice really helps prepare for sketchnoting an
event in real time.

Vector sketchnotes

The final version of a pre-WWDC sketchnote, done in Adobe Illustrator Draw.The final version of my pre-WWDC
sketchnote, done in Adobe Illustrator Draw.
Image: Andy McNally/Cult of Mac
I later went back and created a digital version on my iPad Pro
using Adobe
Illustrator Draw
to see if I could give the sketchnote a
little more of an Adventure
feel and vibe, since the note is an homage to the
cartoon’s opening theme song.


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