How to use 3D Touch in Maps to see the weather anywhere

maps app 3d touch weather One of the neatest
tricks in Maps app is the ability to quickly check the weather
anywhere in the world.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple’s Maps app has gotten pretty great recently, as long as
you don’t want parks and forests marked in green. Like most of
Apple’s built-in apps, Maps is even better when used with 3-D
Touch. By pressing on everything from the app icon to the tiny
weather can on the corner, you can access shortcuts and extra
info. Let’s take a look.

3D Touch the Maps icon to mark your spot

You can get extra infor about a place from pretty much anywhere, from the home screen to the Maps search history.You can get extra infor about a place
from pretty much anywhere, from the home screen to the Maps
search history.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The fun begins at the app icon. Just force-touch the Maps icon
on your home screen (or in the Spotlight results and Siri app
suggestions), ands you can choose to mark your current spot, to
share your location, or to search nearby. Each of these can be
done in the Maps app itself, or from the Messages app, in the
case of location sharing, but this is much quicker and more
intuitive. You may want to mark the spot where you fond a cool
restaurant to visit later, for example, or a pathway where you
took a turn in the woods, or maybe you just want to remember
where you buried your treasure. This is the way to find them
all again.

3D Touch a location to get directions and more

When you
spot somewhere on the map you want to know more about, then
just force-touch it. At the very least, you’ll be able to share
this location, or to get directions to it from wherever you are
now. If Maps knows more about the place, you may also be able
to call the place direct (on the phone!), or visit its website.
That mightn’t sound like much, but its a great way to find out
what’s around if you’re in a strange city.

When you tap on Maps’ search box, the
one at the bottom of the screen on the iPhone, you also get a
list of your previous searches and search results. 3D Touch one
of these results to get a popover with the same options as
you’d get if you 3D Touched it on the map, as above.

Quickly check the weather

Quickly check the weather anywhere in the world.Quickly check the weather anywhere in the
Photo: Cult of Mac

the little weather icon down in the bottom corner of the main map
screen? The one that shows a sun or a cloud, and the current
temperature? Try a hard press on that. Up pops a little box with
the weather forecast for the rest of the day. Press a little
harder and the location opens up in the weather app, where you
can choose to add it to your weather locations, or just view it.
This is handy to see if it’ll rain this afternoon in your area,
but it’s even better when you’re looking around the world on the
map. Curious about the current weather in the place you’re
visiting in a few days? Just find the place on the map and use
this trick.

3D Touch,
as we keep saying, is a fantastic way to use your iPhone.
Little by little, these shortcuts become automatic. If you ever
find yourself pressing hard on your iPad’s screen, you’ll know
that you’ve really gotten the 3D Touch habit.


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