In the future Apple could stream movies while they’re still in theaters

Where’s everyone else? Probably at home watching on iTunes.
Photo: Williemuse/Wikipedia

iTunes has had new movies available for purchase day-and-date
with the DVD release
since May 2008

Jump forward a
decade, and a report claims that Apple will be the first choice
for studios and exhibitors when they eventually agree to
video-on-demand while movies are still showing in theaters.

“I think
iTunes is the logical choice,” said Jeff Bock, the senior
box-office analyst for Exhibitor Relations. “It’s what
everybody has.” Other sources speaking with Business
backed up the same assertion — stating that, “If
an earlier window gets put in place, iTunes would probably have
some say in being part of the earlier window.”

At present, the idea of making movies
available to view at home at the same time they hit theaters is
still in its infancy. A startup by Napster pioneer Sean Parker
called Screening Room has tried to do this — with a $50 price
point attached — but it has so far failed to gain traction.

like Apple did with iTunes, however, when it swooped in to
capitalize on the ruinous affects of services like Napster
(we’re starting to work out why the entertainment industry
might not like Sean Parker!), Apple could use its established
reputation as the safe choice to work with studios.

Apple has
had a good relationship with movie studios for years now.

Back in the late 1990s
, Apple’s movie trailer website
became a great source of collaboration between Apple and
studios. Apple got access to movie trailers for
free, thereby increasing traffic to its site and showing
off its impressive QuickTime technology. Studios, meanwhile,
got to advertise their product without having to pay for

Apple went
on to parlay this good relationship into groundbreaking deals
to make TV shows and movies available for download on

Apple has reportedly been in talks with studios about making
movies available on iTunes two weeks after their theatrical
debuts. If today’s story is to be believed, they could get
there even earlier than that!

Business Insider