Investigators suspect iOS device in plane crash that killed 66

iPhone on plane Apple is not
involved in the investigation.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

French officials are investigating the possibility of whether
an iPhone or iPad was the cause of EgyptAir Flight 804.

The 2016 crashed
killed 66 people yet the investigators have been stumped on
what brought the plane down. Some new clues may hint that it
was an overheating iOS device that sparked the catastrophe.

According to a report from French paper
Le Parisien
, officials say an Apple iPhone 6S and an iPad
Mini 4 belonging to the flight’s first officer may have been
plugged into an improper socket in the plane’s cockpit.

The claim
runs contrary to an open criminal investigation conducted by
Egypt official. Back in December, Egypt said it believes the
crash was caused by an bomb of some sorts, after finding what
it claims was explosive residue on some of the victims.

So far Apple is is not involved in the
investigation. Apple released the following statement to

Business Insider
this afternoon:

“We haven’t been contacted by [Air Transport Gendarmerie] or
any authority investigating this tragic event. We have not
seen any report, but we understand there is no evidence to
link this event to Apple products. If investigators have
questions for us, we would, of course, assist in any way we
can. We rigorously test our products to ensure they meet or
exceed international safety standards.”

data from the crash has still been inconclusive. On May 19, 2016,
EgyptAir Flight 804 dropped from radar coverage while flying over
the Mediterranean Sea. Before crashing, Greek defense systems
logged the planed as it cruised at 37,000 feet. It then made a
sharp 90 degree turn left before going 360 degrees right before
dropping off radar.


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