iOS 11 Makes it Easy to Share Your Wi-Fi Password With Nearby Friends

With the developer beta of iOS 11 out in the wild, new features
of the operating system have been coming to light throughout the
week, including an unobtrusive
volume indicator
new AirPods controls
. In iOS 11, users will also be able to
easily join a Wi-Fi network thanks to a new password sharing
process between trusted devices, which should reduce the hassle
of joining new networks.

The feature allows one iOS device with knowledge of a Wi-Fi
network’s password to grant access to a separate iOS device
that still needs the password in question. 9to5Mac
detailed an example where an iPad was already on a Wi-Fi
network, while an iPhone still required the Wi-Fi password to

All devices must be running iOS 11, and it appears that macOS
High Sierra will support the feature as well.

Images via 9to5Mac

After navigating to Settings > Wi-Fi and choosing the right
network, the iPhone user is greeted with the traditional password
screen (seen above), but on iOS 11 when the iPhone is brought
near the iPad, a card on the iPad notifies its user that the
iPhone wants to join the network (seen below).

The iPad user can then tap and send their password to the
iPhone, which recognizes the password, fills out the
information, and connect to the Wi-Fi. As Apple notes, the iOS
device or Mac with knowledge of the network’s password must be
unlocked for the transfer process to work.

There are plenty more iOS 11 tidbits
to discover in the wake of the official unveiling this week at
WWDC, so be sure to check out the MacRumors iOS 11
to find out everything we know about the newest
version of iOS.


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