iOS 11 Streamlines Creation of Custom Apple Watch Faces With New Share Sheet Option in Photos

Apple has made it easier than ever for users to create custom
watch faces on their Apple Watch in iOS 11, thanks to a new share
sheet option within Photos on iPhone.

On the current operating systems for iPhone and Apple Watch,
users can choose a “Photo” watch face to add to their Apple
Watch, but the only way to change the picture is to customize
the face on the Apple Watch and swipe left and right through
photos in a synced album. “Photo Album” is also available,
which automatically shuffles up which picture will appear on
Apple Watch — again, within a selected album — each time the
wrist is raised.

Now, Apple has added in a simple new share sheet to Photos on
iOS 11, as spotted by French site
Watch Generation
]. After a photo is selected the sheet gives the
option to “Create Watch Face,” then users have to choose which
face they prefer: a typical photo face where the image is
presented as normal, or they can turn the image into one of
Apple Watch’s new kaleidoscope faces.

For the Photos face, users can now also select 10 custom images
directly within the Watch app to add into the photo rotation of
the watch face. This should make creating a custom Photos watch
face much easier than the current method in iOS 10, where users
either have to choose from one of the pre-set albums in iOS, or
go into the Photos app to build a custom one with the images
they want to see on their Apple Watch face.

For the kaleidoscope watch face, Apple appears to have multiple
pre-set images to choose from that result in the distorted
images seen at WWDC this week, including a flower and a few of
the colorful exploding sand imagery already available as iOS
wallpaper options. When users add in a custom image, it’ll
appear at the end of this list. There are also custom styles of
kaleidoscope to choose from, including one that distorts images
with triangular geometry (“Facet”) and one with softer circles

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