iPad Pro 2 mockup brings trackpad to Smart Keyboard

Does the iPad Pro need a trackpad? Does the iPad Pro need a trackpad?
Photo: David Chapman

Apple could unveil a
new iPad Pro 2
as soon as next Monday during its WWDC 2017
keynote. And if it does, we hope the company adds some new
productivity features, like this Smart Keyboard with a

a new mockup that imagines what the new Smart Keyboard could
look like, designer David Chapman shows why it would be a great

Take another look:

The idea of
Apple adding a keyboard to the iPad Pro was recently floated by
John Gruber
on a recent podcast episodes. Instead of using
the trackpad to move a mouse cursor, Gruber postulated that
maybe Apple would use it just to move the typing cursor similar
to how you can 3D Touch on the iOS keyboard to move the
insertion point.

Apple added
an incomplete version of tvOS’s UIFocusEngine to iOS 9. That
could come into play for an iPad Pro trackpad, allowing users
to control the interface framework to select apps and other
tasks without having a mouse cursor.

iOS 11
could contain a number of software productivity enhancements to
help turn the iPad into a true “Pro” tablet on the go. Details
on what new features will make it into iOS 11 have been slim,
but you can read our iOS 11
for info on what features fans want.

Source: appleact.com

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