Let’s go crazy: Prince’s music is coming to Spotify and Napster


Prince had a tricky relationship with the internet. Toward the
end of his life, Prince
famously pulled his music
from all streaming services but

, the artist-owned, Jay Z-led app for audiophiles. But
now it seems Prince’s hits are finally set to stream far and

Spotify and Napster have confirmed to TechCrunch that Prince’s
catalog will launch on their services Sunday February 12, the
night of the Grammys. A previous rumor attributed to an unnamed
source in the
New York Post
claimed Prince would come to Apple Music
too, but Apple hasn’t confirmed this. We reached out for
comment and will update if we hear back.

Lauching Prince’s Warner Music Group records for streaming on
the night of the Grammys is fitting, considering that the award
show’s organizers are expected to
honor Prince with a musical tribute
that night.

prince spotify tweetTwitter

The arrival of Prince tunes on streaming services might have
been a complete surprise had Spotify not taken out
purple subway ads
in New York City. The ads make no
reference to Prince, but his signature color was sign enough
for die-hard fans, who instantly pieced it together.

Hopefully we’ll be able to stream Purple Rain on Apple
Music this weekend too—2017 could use some good news, and the
widespread availability of Prince’s music certainly falls in
that category.

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