Nest Announces Cam IQ, a $299 4K Smart Home Camera With Facial Recognition

Nest unveiled a new smart security camera today called the
Nest Cam
, an indoor 4K device capable of increasing footage
resolution when it detects unusual or suspicious activity in the

Using built-in smart capabilities powered by Google’s AI for
facial recognition, the Nest Cam IQ is able to identify a
person in its visual range, which automatically triggers a
notification alert that includes a zoomed-in photo of the

A variation on the same feature called “Supersight” appears in
the mobile app feed, as a zoomed picture-in-picture inset of
any figures identified in the camera’s field of view. The Nest
Cam IQ also tracks the subject as it moves and provides a
close-up of the face to make it easier to spot identifying

Additional smart features are in store for Nest owners who sign
up to a Nest Aware subscription, such as the ability to
identify and remember family members and trusted familiar
faces, as well as the ability to recognize specific audio cues
like conversations and barking dogs.

Elsewhere, the Nest Cam IQ comes with a weighted base and
tilting head, invisible infrared LED emitters, high-powered
speakers, and a three-microphone array for improved background
noise suppression and echo cancelation.

The Nest Cam IQ costs $299 in the U.S. and can be pre-ordered
today on the company’s
, which also sells the Nest Cam and Nest Cam
Outdoor. Shipping is expected to start at the end of June.


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