Nest Earth Day Discounts Include $30 Off Learning Thermostat, $50 Off Combo Purchase With Google Home

Nest recently announced a
new discount has launched for customers looking to purchase the
company’s Nest Learning Thermostat, allowing them to buy the IoT
temperature-controlling device for
$219 on its website
, totaling $30 in savings. Nest founder
and chief product officer Matt Rogers announced the temporary
deal in a blog post this week, which he said is tied into
upcoming celebrations surrounding Earth Day.

As such, Nest Learning Thermostat’s $219 price tag will only
remain available to customers until Earth Day, on Saturday,
April 22. In the post, Rogers mentioned that since the Nest
Learning Thermostat’s launch in 2011, the device has “saved
over 12 billion kWh of energy,” which equates to “enough to
power New York City for 81 days.”

For us, home isn’t just an address where we raise our families.
It’s the world we inhabit, and it’s our only one. As the late
Carl Sagan noted in his book Pale Blue Dot, “On it everyone you
love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every
human being who ever was, lived out their lives.” So it’s up to
us to take care of Earth, for all the generations to come.

In honor of Earth Day, we want to help more people save
energy with a Nest Thermostat. Reversing decades of global
warming is a huge challenge. But we believe that together, we
can change climate change.

Customers also interested in Google
have a chance to save a little more as well, as Nest
also announced a combo deal where purchasing both the Nest
Learning Thermostat and Google Home at the same time will earn
users $50 in savings. Instead of paying $378 for both devices,
customers taking advantage of the Earth Day deal will pay $328.
On their own, Google Home costs $129 while Nest Learning
Thermostat costs $249.

For those unaware, Google Home is Google’s smart home hub,
which includes voice controls for numerous home automation
tasks like controlling temperature by connecting to Nest.

Last month it was rumored that Nest is working on a cheaper
version of its Learning Thermostat
that would cost
somewhere under $200 in a bid to gain “a bigger share of the
connected home market.” Cost-cutting measures might include a
Nest Learning Thermostat made with less expensive components
and potentially one that would lack the current version’s metal
edges. Also reported to be in the works by Nest are sensors
that would let users control temperature room-by-room, an alarm
system, digital doorbell, and updated indoor camera.


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