North Korea gets its own ‘iPad’ knockoff

The Ryonghung iPad has more than 40 apps! The Ryonghung iPad has more than 40 apps!
Photo: NK News

Recent rumors have promised exciting iPad launches this year,
but none of them warned us about the Ryonghung iPad.

could be because it wasn’t made by Apple. It’s a North Korean
knockoff with an ugly design and terrible specifications, but
it steals the iPad name in an effort to be more popular in a
marker where Apple’s lawyers are unlikely to come

North Korea doesn’t have access to Apple devices for obvious
reasons, but its citizens can use computers and gadgets that
are severely locked down by the government. The government
even has its own operating system called Red Star
that’s a complete ripoff of OS X

For those who need more mobile computing, there’s now an
“iPad.” It “can perform a range of functions such as reading
different sources of digital information, office work and
documentation. And it also has more than 40 apps.”

How exciting!
The device is
powered by an unnamed quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, 1GB
of RAM, and a measly 8GB of internal memory (though that’s
probably all you’ll need for just 40 apps). It can also access
the internet, so long as you don’t try doing anything fun.

Apple has
previously chased down third-party companies that use the iPad
name, but it seems unlikely it will waste its time hounding
Ryonghung. It’s not as if the Ryonghung iPad is going to
eat into genuine iPad sales or damage the Apple brand
around the world.




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