Placeholder for iOS 11 ‘Files’ App Goes Live on App Store

With just hours to go until Apple’s WWDC keynote, a new
app listing for a “Files” app
has appeared on the iOS
App Store
for iPhone and iPad, as noticed
by Steven Troughton-Smith

Details on the app are scant, as the app description is merely
“Files App for iOS” and there are no other details on the app
other than an icon depicting a blue folder, although
Troughton-Smith points out the app only supports 64-bit
architectures. iOS 11 has been
rumored to be dropping support for 32-bit apps, and Apple has
been warning
about apps that have not been updated with 64-bit

As we
noted in our iOS 11 wishlist feature
, file management is
one area where MacRumors readers have been hoping to
see improvement, and this upcoming Files app could help provide

The Files app is undoubtedly a default system app for iOS 11,
but system apps that can be deleted have App Store entries to
allow users to reinstall them. As Troughton-Smith notes, a
for the Activity app has also appeared
in the App Store,
suggesting users will be able to delete the app in iOS 11,
something that is not currently possible.


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