Save on cool, exotic Apple Watch bands with Ullu’s big summer sale [Watch Store]


Ullu offers a taste of the accessibly exotic with its line
of hand-crafted leather bands for Apple Watch. The
Apple-centric accessories brand
offers luxurious, handcrafted leather bands in exotic
ostrich and stingray, as well as its signature Italian leather

the month of June, Ullu is hosting its summer sale — save
up 15 to 20 percent select straps for Apple Watch. Peruse the
collection of colorful, artisan-made bands in our Watch
, and get a step up on your summer style.

Exotic leather Apple Watch skins by Ullu

xThe Stingray Leather Band in Sun
Ray has a durable, pebbly texture that makes for a very unique,
standout strap.
Photo: Ullu

Exotic leather is a luxury option for fashion-conscious wearers
that are looking to distinguish themselves from the humdrum
of lesser leathers. Based in Dubai, Ullu’s philosophy on
product creation is a nod to the finer things in life — a
perfect pairing considering Dubai is well-known for its luxury
shopping and ultramodern architecture. The luxury brand prides
itself on crafting by hand premium leather Apple Watch
accessories for its discerning clientele from whom Ullu gleans
its style cues. Finished by skilled artisans, each strap is
unique, beautiful and impeccably finished. Only the best in
high-quality craftsmanship here.

xLuxurious ostrich leather is
well-known for its softness, flexibility and durability, and of
course its characteristic bumps.
Photo: Ullu

Among the types of leather you can
find at Ullu are ostrich, ethically sourced from South Africa;
and stingray, ethically sourced from Thailand as well as
premium Italian calf’s leather, regular or hand-colored. Each
of Ullu’s straps is produced in compliance with
international laws regarding animal protection and the
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild
Fauna and Flora (CITES).

If you’re
not opposed to sporting animal hide, the story of stingray
leather might be of interest. Ullu writes on its blog that

Samurai warriors used stingray leather
on the hilts of
their swords because it did not get slick when covered with the
blood of the enemy. Tales aside, stingray is one of the
most precious leathers on the market. This strong,
highly-resistant material is expertly hand-wrought to
give the bands a brilliantly shiny, pearly effect.

As far as exotic skins go, ostrich leather is a gold standard
for its distinctive, bumpy texture and durability. No two
animal hides are alike. Luxurious ostrich leather is well-known
for its softness, flexibility and durability, and of course its
characteristic bumps. Each Ullu strap is meticulously
lined and stitched.

Why buy high-quality leather?

xAll natural leathers develop a
unique patina overtime. Here’s Ullu’s Premium Leather Band in
Blue Steel.

quality leather can give your Apple Watch (not to mention your
entire wardrobe) a high-style touch. In contrast to rubber and
metal, leather is easy to form and fit different lug widths. A
number of stitching styles are available, ranging from minimal
patterns to the familiar parallel patterns. Since leather is a
soft bendy material, the wrist band made for the watch conforms
beautifully to the wrist. Leather doesn’t irritate the
skin or give any rashes like those given by synthetic material
and metal bands. Most importantly, leather is extremely durable
and long-lasting.

If your
Ullu accessory gets wet, pat off the excess water with a soft
towel or a tissue paper. Don’t wipe hard — you’ll just drive
water deeper inside the leather. For light grease or oil
stains, use a damp tissue or a baby wipe. For bigger oil
stains, apply a little baking soda or corn starch on the
grease, and wipe off with a microfiber cloth after a few

Ullu’s Hand-Colored Leather Bands
(shown here in Tangerine) are hand-painted by expert
Photo: Ullu

Genuine Apple adapters — no fakes here!x

Unlike the majority of vendors creating bands for Apple Watch,
Ullu uses genuine Apple lugs for all of its bands — upping its
quality game (and price tag) from its competitors. These
adapters sit perfectly flush with your Apple Watch.

Ullu’s high-end bands are assembled with original genuine Apple
lugs ensuring a perfectly flush fit. A shiny, stainless steel
buckle polishes off these exceptional bands. Available in both
38mm and 42mm Apple Watch sizes.

Price: $79.20–$211.65 (regularly priced at

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