Subdivision Infinity, Microsoft Planner, and other awesome apps of the week


Apple’s updated Swift Playgrounds app, giving would-be coders
the chance to learn to program by controlling a robot, is just
one of the great titles we’ve picked out for this week’s
“Awesome Apps” roundup.

also got a fun space blaster, a big Wonder Woman-themed upgrade
to a fun RPG battler, and a useful multi-person planning app.
Check out our picks below.

Subdivision Infinity

Some of the games I try and highlight
here in my weekly apps roundup are deep, immersive titles
that’ll have you thinking and playing for months.
Subdivision Infinity isn’t one of those games —
although you’ll definitely enjoy it if the genre appeals.

It’s a
slick, attractive 3D space shooter that hurls you into a series
of extraterrestrial dogfights and the occasional side
mission. You shoot things, do a bit of exploration, shoot
some more, upgrade your ship, and probably shoot a bit more.
There are 40 missions in all, a variety of unique bosses, and a
decent enough storyline to keep you engaged.

Not the
best game of its kind, but certainly enough to keep you

Available for:
Cost: $2.99
Get it from: App

Swift Playgrounds

xSwift Playgrounds now plays with
real-world devices.
Photo: Apple

written about Swift Playgrounds before
on my “Awesome Apps”
roundup, but this week it got a new update which makes Apple’s
“learn to code” app worth including again.

Including it on this list is cheating somewhat, since the
update doesn’t actually roll out until tomorrow, but it sounds
pretty neat nonetheless — particularly if you’re a parent or
teacher. In short, it lets users use Swift
to take control of robots, drones, and musical instruments
— all via an iPad.

You’ll need a Bluetooth-powered gadgets — such
as LEGO MINDSTORMS robots, the Sphero SPRK+ or Parrot drones —
to use it, but if you have these, it certainly sounds like
an exciting new way to learn to program.

Available for: iPad
Cost: Free
Get it from: App

Microsoft Planner

xPlanner is truly mobile.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft Planner has been available on the web for some time,
but now Microsoft has turned it into an official iOS app. It’s
a productivity tool that makes it easy to organize teamwork
among multiple people — for when a simple to-do list just isn’t

If you’re a frequent
Planner user, this app will undoubtedly come in handy. If
you’re new to Planner, you can get started with the service at You’ll need an Office 365 Enterprise E1–E5,
Business Essentials, Business Premium, or Education

Available for: iPhone, iPad
Cost: Free
Get it from: App

DC Legends

Don’t go into it expecting an an in-depth RPG experience, but
if the idea of an RPG-lite battler — in which you collect
heroes from across the entire DC Comics universe and use them
to battle a broad range of foes — appeals to you, you’ll get a
kick out of DC Legends.

This week, it got a bunch of new Wonder Woman-themed content to
help celebrate the well-received new movie. This includes a
variant character based on the likeness of the movie’s star,
Gal Gadot, along with 9- and 5-day challenges based around
locations like Wonder Woman’s island paradise.

If you log in between now and tomorrow, you can also access the
special Weekend Loot Celebration, in which players receive 50
special bonus Wonder Woman “fragments.”

Available for: iPhone, iPad
Cost: Free
Get it from: App


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