The Tronsmart Encore In-Ear Headphone With DAC And LAM


A few days ago when Apple finally launched the iPhone 7 and that headphone jack was officially out of the picture, people went crazy. So many third party headphones that people own will not be of any use to them with this phone. Many headphone makers went crazy too. Cause a big part of their users use iPhones. But many companies have capitalized on it and started making more Bluetooth headphones and lightning port connected headphones. The Tronsmart Encore is just one of them.


The Tronsmart Encore is a pair of in-ear headphones designed with a lightning port specifically for the new iPhone 7. It will work with all devices with lightning ports just FYI. The Tronsmart Encore has DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and a LAM (Lightning audio module). They use DAC and LAM to deliver a 48 kHz/24 bit digital audio. The ear tips are noise isolating like most other in-ear headphones. The wire is made from Kevlar fiber, you will not face the usual wires twisting and breaking problem. Well, you probably will but it will last longer. You can answer calls with it and it has three different tip sizes. For you to find your perfect fit.


The Tronsmart Encore does not have a price tag on it. But they will ship them next month. They are basically waiting for the MFi certification from Apple. After that they should not delay to release it in the market. Apple has caused a bit of a stir in the headphone community. But companies had started to prepare for this since they had first heard the rumors. But if you can’t find your suitable headphones for the new iPhone then there is always the $9 adapter. Just another small product to take care off, nothing much.



Source | Tronsmart