watchOS 4 Wish List: 7 features we’d love to see


Apple’s WWDC event is less than a week a way, where it is
expected to release big upgrades to its family of operating
systems. The youngest Apple platform, watchOS, got
some serious improvements in watchOS 3. With the
fourth interaction, Apple is expected to squash some of the
biggest problems while breathing life with new features too.

Full details on
watchOS 4 still haven’t been revealed, but we’ve got some
ideas of our own that we’re really hoping made the cut this

This is what we want in watchOS 4:


Third party watch faces

Apple WatchOS 3 wish Mickey Mouse FaceWe would love to see more special editions Watch faces
like these.
Photo: Cult of Mac

of the biggest gripes of most Apple Watch users is the
inability to set custom third-party Watch faces. Maybe Apple
hasn’t opened the floodgates so the Face Gallery
isn’t inundated by some low-quality Watch Faces, but
wearers need more options.

developers could come up with some beautiful Watch Faces that
make Apple Watch feel more personal.
If third-party Watch faces don’t come out, hopefully Apple
will at least create more Special Edition Watch faces. In
line with the Mickey Mouse and the Minnie Mouse watch faces,
Apple should collaborate with other companies for new
faces. Batman, anyone?

Offline Siri and voice feedback

watchOS 4 siri improvementsSiri
should work offline and offer voice feedback
Photo: Cult of Mac

Siri has secured a place in our

iOS 11
and macOS
 wishlist already, so it only makes sense to hope
it comes to watchOS 4 too.  With the limited screen
real-estate on the Apple Watch, relying on Siri as an input
device increases ten folds. Therefore, it’s necessary
more than ever for Siri to be accurate.

Offline Siri could be helpful at times when you have a spotty
connection. Instead of being powered by the Apple Watch
processor, Apple could run the processes on your iPhone.

Oh and how about some audio feedback on Siri? The Apple Watch
already has a built in speaker but you have to read what Siri
says. Make things easier for us Apple by bringing Siri’s voice
to your watch.

Always-on display

WatchOS 4 wishlist always-on displayWould you like to have an always-on display option in
the Settings?
Photo: Cult of Mac

The Apple Watch “intelligently” turns on the display when you
raise your wrist and turns it off when you put it
down. But, one of the much-sought features is the ability to
have an always-on display like most other smartwatches do.

The main reason Apple Watch doesn’t come with such a
feature is it would probably kill battery life way
quicker.  But, there are some users who
would gladly trade a little bit of battery life for an
always-on display.

Offline podcasts and notes

Notes app on watchOS 3The
Notes app is missing from watchOS.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Although Apple did a great job of creating watchOS apps
for their iPhone counterparts, a few of them are still
missing. Notable missing apps include the Podcasts the Notes
apps. The iOS version of both apps should be able to sync data
from your iPhone onto your wrist.

Asking Siri on watchOS
to open Podcasts or add a new note requires you to
continue on your iPhone, which kind-of defeats the purpose. Why
stop with just Notes and Podcasts though. The Compass and and
Voice Memos would also be great to have on watchOS.

Enhance the Find my iPhone functionality

Ping my iPhone using Watch.The Ping my iPhone feature on watchOS.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The Find my iPhone functionality on the iPhone lets you locate
your iPhone, Mac and your Apple Watch. Locating all your Apple
devices quickly from your Apple Watch could make it even more
convenient, though. As of now, the watchOS features a
Control Center toggle that helps you locate your iPhone by
playing a sound on it, but that’s about it. The Apple
Watch could greatly benefit from a Find my iPhone

Also, while we’re at it, the Find my iPhone feature lets you
find your other Apple devices, too. So, it could use
a more precise name maybe?

Improved health-related features

watchOS 3 workouts appThe
Workouts app is expected to include more activities.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The Apple Watch is already great at tracking workouts
and other activities like cycling and running,
but there’s a
lot of scope for improvement.
 New activities like
snowboarding and skiing are being tested in the Activity app,
according to a report by Gizmodo. Native
sleep tracking functionality is also believed to be in the
works. Syncing the workout data to the iCloud so it
can be accessible from anywhere would be another great

Other tiny fixes

A number of other small fixes need to be made, like
adding customizable alerts and vibrations for calls,
removing storage limits for photos and music, adding music
controls in the Control Center, more complex Watch face
complications, and granular notifications control. Also, with

SiriKit coming to the Apple Watch
 in watchOS 3.2,
we’re hoping that more developers get on board so we can
use Siri with other third-party apps.

What’s on your wish list?

So that was our wish list of the things we expect from Apple’s
next big update for its Watch series. We shall know which
of these rumors and expectations come to fruition at Apple’s
WWDC event on June 5.

Now it’s your turn — tell us what’s on your watchOS
4 wish list? Tell us about the features you’re looking
forward to in the comments below.



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