With Setapp, buying Mac apps goes the way of the dusty DVD collection


This post is presented by MacPaw, the software team behind
Setapp and a variety of proven Mac apps.

Remember the good old days when owning the movies you wanted
meant going to the store to buy DVDs? Nowadays, most of us
don’t even have a DVD player, and with good reason. Joining a
streaming service like Netflix, which lets you pick and choose
from a wide variety of great content, is a much more sensible
option. It saves you time, effort, space, money and the waste
of a misguided purchase (just think of all those DVDs gathering

That’s the beauty of the subscription model, which extends to
everything from movies and TV shows to music, coffee and now
Mac apps.

Setapp: A subscription service for Mac apps

Setapp is a
first-of-its-kind subscription service for Mac apps. It brings
a growing, curated collection of high-quality Mac apps —
including some of the best software around for productivity,
creativity and utility — straight to your desktop.

From CleanMyMac and iMazing to MoneyWiz, Disk Drill and way
beyond, Setapp lets you avoid unnecessary trips to the Mac App
Store and a Dock cluttered with unused apps. With more than 60
handpicked offerings, it’s a shortcut to excellent Mac apps —
and you can use any or all of them for less than 10 bucks a

Subscribe to dozens of quality Mac apps

Once you join Setapp, a simple download sends a folder to your
apps folder with all the content inside. Everything arrives
ready to go and set for regular updates. Plus, it’s fully
integrated with Finder and Search. As with DVDs, once you get
up and running with this way of buying and using apps, you’ll
have trouble imagining doing it any other way. (You can read
more about how
Setapp works
in our previous post on the service.)

The beauty of the Mac apps subscription model is that you’re
not paying for something you might not use. Instead, you’re
paying for what you do use. That means you’ll save a
lot of time, energy and money.

Try Setapp for free

Setapp promises to fold hundreds of carefully curated Mac apps
into its collection over time. But even if you just use a
handful of the available apps, the service is well worth the
modest monthly price of $9.99. If you’re still on the fence,
Setapp is offering a free one-month trial, no credit card

Subscription services are the way of the future, which is why
we recommend you take
Setapp for a spin
. With a free month to see if it’s right
for you, there’s literally nothing to lose.

Source: appleact.com

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