You should never go online without VPN protection [Deals]

CoM - VPN Unlimited- Lifetime Subscription This
powerful VPN will let you browse online safely and anonymously,
for life.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Going online is risky business. The many hazards and headaches
of the internet include identity thieves, corporate and
government data snoops, restrictions on content based on
location, just to name a few. One surefire way to sidestep all
of these issues and more is to log in with a virtual private
network. With this deal from VPN Unlimited, you can get
lifelong protection for all of your devices, anywhere you use
them. Right now, you can
get a lifetime subscription for just $39 at Cult of Mac

VPN Unlimited
earned the Best VPN Service Award for 2015 by VPN Service
Providers, and was rated PC Mag’s Top VPN for 2016. It will
work on your Wi-Fi and cellular connections, even over public
networks. All your data is anonymized and encrypted as it is
channeled through a global network of more than 70 servers in
more than 50 different countries, all with unlimited traffic
bandwidth at high speed. As a bonus, you’ll be able to block
ads, malware, tracking systems and more with a newly included
DNS Firewall.

Buy now:
Get a lifetime of VPN Unlimited for $39
, that’s a massive
92 percent discount.


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