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Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week. If you have startup tips or story suggestions, feel free to email us. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. Popbox | Indonesia (Techlist Profile)

PopBox is an Indonesian startup that produces automated parcel lockers for last mile ecommerce deliveries. The terminal, which looks like a vending machine covered in pop art, provides a self-service delivery location to pick up and return packages.

2. ToneTag | India (Techlist Profile)

ToneTag wants to be everyman’s Apple Pay. Its software product uses sound waves to bring the same convenience of contactless payments to any mobile device, even old brick phones. It can integrate with any digital wallet, work on any operating system – Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Blackberry – or point-of-sale terminal, and power any mobile payment application.

3. Dragon Law | Hong Kong (Techlist Profile)

Hong Kong-based Dragon Law helps businesses of all sizes draft legal documents, access legal advice, get incorporated, register trademarks, obtain visas, and more. However, instead of doing in-person consultations, the startup provides software to help you make sense of it all.

4. Mychebao | China

Used car sales site Mychebao not only connect sellers with ordinary buyers, it has a more involved set-up that involves brick-and-mortar stores and more staff. The startup has its own auto experts that appraise second-hand cars submitted by users and car dealers can make offers on the vehicles to purchase or trade using a bidding system.

5. Townista | India (Techlist Profile)

Townista is a portal to discover events and activities with categories ranging from food and dining, bar and drinking, plays and entertainment to health and wellness. It keeps track of the user’s browsing history and recommends activities based on their social circles.

6. Wudstay | India (Techlist Profile)

Wudstay picks budget accommodation providers such as guesthouses and small hotels, improves their service, and connects them to travelers.

7. Yogrt | Singapore (Techlist Profile)

Yogrt is a location-based dating app that uses games and quizzes as a tool to break the ice between couples-to-be. By creating a social environment that allows users to poke fun at each other, Yogrt hopes to make it easier for tongue-tied youngsters to start a conversation.

8. Tree Planet | South Korea (Techlist Profile)

Tree Planet raises funds through mobile games and a crowdfunding platform with the aim of planting trees around the world. The social venture has found a way to win over consumers, nonprofits, and corporate sponsors while tackling hunger in South Sudan, desertification in China, and concrete jungle grayness in Seoul.

9. Frrole | India (Techlist Profile)

Bangalore-based Frrolefilters real-time social media insights from online platforms. These insights can be about an event, a keyword, a set of social media users, or any combination thereof. Besides topics, the startup can also help any brand understand its followers better. Its audience intelligence tool is aimed at marketers looking for in-depth understanding of their consumers.

10. Tripves | Indonesia (Techlist Profile)

Tripves connects car renters, owners, and drivers on a single marketplace. Users can search for and rent vehicles for customized durations of time. Car owners can rent out their cars to earn money. Users can also sign up to become drivers, just like Uber.

11. Xfers | Singapore (Techlist Profile)

Singapore-based Xfers enables C2C payments, aiming mainly at peer-to-peer transactions. With it’s feature called Paylink, a seller can create a product listing and generate a purchase link, which can be posted on the seller’s page. The buyer can then use that link as a check out button, regardless of where it is placed. Xfers processes the payment through its system and notifies the seller, and even holds on to the payment for a limited time, giving the buyer the opportunity to cry foul if they haven’t heard back from the seller.

12. Branch8 | Hong Kong

Branch8 offers ecommerce sellers access to a single platform that lets them list their products across a wide swath of ecommerce sites. Updating and delisting items is similarly simple. Plus, the company also offers logistics and order management – the idea is that it can be a one-stop shop for ecommerce sellers, helping them to earn more money while saving them valuable time.

13. Speedrent | Malaysia (Techlist Profile)

Speedrent, an app that connects landlords directly with renters and cuts out the middlemen. It allows property owners and renters to chat, and facilitates appointment scheduling between them. The app also sets itself apart by offering electronic tenancy agreement, which completes the renting lifecycle.

14. Exploride | India (Techlist Profile)

Exploride lets users access music and maps, take or decline calls, change volume, read texts, and get alerts on a transparent panel fixed on top of the dashboard. Users are also able to control it all with gestures and voice.

15. Fanswifi | Hong Kong(Techlist Profile)

Fanswifi provides businesses as an easy way for them to offer wifi to customers while also growing their online social fanbase. If a business is using Fanswifi, the customers can get onto the web by connecting with the brand on Facebook or Instagram by liking or following the account

16. ConfirmTkt | India (Techlist Profile)

ConfirmTkt predicts the confirmation chances of a wait-listed ticket by using machine-learning. This technique learns from its past experiences and evolves the future prediction process. It also takes into consideration various parameters such as seasonality, travel day (weekend or weekday), travel class, and reservation quota. It maintains ticketing trends for weekends or holidays separately, as trends during these days often vary.

17. UPQ | Japan (Techlist Profile)

Founded in early June, UPQ unveiled 24 products in seven categories at a press conference last week. Ranging from a SIM-free smartphone and GoPro-like action camera to a 50-inch 4K display and a variety of earphones, each item went from idea to production in just two months. All products can be purchased online.

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