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Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week. If you have startup tips or story suggestions, feel free to email us. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. Tweezar | Israel (Techlist Profile)

Tweezar wants to make it easier for diamond traders to communicate with end users in a much more transparent manner. The startup’s 3D-printed rectangular gizmo allows merchants simply take the diamond stone, slide it into the device, and click start. Within 20 seconds, the device will take a high-definition image of the stone. Merchants then use the Tweezar app on their smartphone, which has embedded optical character recognition (OCR) technology, allowing them to scan the diamond’s certificate. After all parameters are complete, both the high-definition images of the diamond as well as its accompanying certificate will be uploaded on ecommerce sites such as Ebay.

2. MotionElements | Singapore (Techlist Profile)

MotionElements is a marketplace for stock video, animations, and after effects. The startup aims go beyond being just a marketplace for video creators, but to build a place where creators in the world can connect, create, earn, and learn.

3. CatchThatBus | Malaysia (Techlist Profile)

Operating in Singapore and Malaysia, CatchThatBus lets users book cross-country trips between both countries through a website or its iOS, Android, or Windows apps. Through the mobile apps, users can also view real-time information on schedules and seat availability.

4. PopSlide | Singapore (Techlist Profile)

PopSlide is a lock screen reward-based advertising product from Singapore-based tech firm Yoyo. Users can gather points by swiping their lock screens to look at mobile ads. When ready, they can redeem points for free mobile credit.

5. WOVN.io | Japan (Techlist Profile)

Developed by Tokyo-based Minimal Technologies, multilingual website localization service WOVN.io allows visitors to translate a website one HTML tag at a time, offering both machine translation and “premium” human translation.

6. Zivame | India (Techlist Profile)

Bangalore-based Zivame is the country’s largest online lingerie retailer. From everyday underwear to sexy lingerie, as well as maternity, plus size and bridal lingerie, the startup brought an array of intimate wear for women online. Orders made on Zivame were also delivered discreetly – the outer package bears no insignia that might let delivery boys know there’s lingerie inside.

7. Lamplight Analytics | Hong Kong

Lamplight Analytics provides social media insights to brands. Its tools work not just in English, but also in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Malay, and Bahasa Indonesia.

8. Reverie | India (Techlist Profile)

Bangalore-based startup Reverie has an answer to one of the biggest barriers for internet and mobile businesses in India: language. The startup has an application programming interface (API) that an app or portal can plug in to deliver its content in over 50 languages.

9. Spa Monkeys | Hong Kong

Spa Monkeys is a quality control service and marketplace for the spa, beauty, and wellness industry in Asia. The platform only databases high-quality merchants and products, so whenever someone in Hong Kong goes to a gym, hair salon, or spa, and sees a Spa Monkey logo on the door — they know the business will not pressure them into buying packages, is well documented, and has good customer service.

10. Ksubaka | Singapore (Techlist Profile)

Ksubaka wants to reinvent advertising in Asia in a way that will most certainly keep consumers engaged with brands: through gaming kiosks. Touchscreen kiosks called “PlaySpots” are built and then strategically located in stores – right where consumers are making purchasing decisions. Many of the games offer rewards and carry an offline-to-online component (O2O).

11. CloudSwyft | Philippines (Techlist Profile)

CloudSwyft upends the traditional hiring system for enterprises. Instead of asking applicants to talk about their skills, it will have them perform tasks. Using CloudSwyft, recruiters can choose a lab environment (Windows Server, Linux, Java, C#, etc.), drag and drop checkpoints or practical exercises, set scoring, save and publish, then assign to a job candidate. When completed, the employer can view the results right away.

12. Octagon | Indonesia (Techlist Profile)

Creative technology startup Octagon made waves last month when it introduced a locally-manufactured virtual reality (VR) headset. Users can attach a mobile phone to the screen to experience virtual-reality like immersion. The startup also offers its own VR content to go with the headset: a collection of 360 degree photography of landscapes and historical sites from around the world.

13. Toreta | Japan (Techlist Profile)

Toreta wants to solve restaurants’ reservation scheduling problems. It is available as an iPad app that takes restaurant employees through a customer call from start to finish.

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