Debate TIA: Who’s better? Alibaba versus Amazon!


Hi there, It’s Minh, the community editor of Tech In Asia here.

In the spirit of new experiments in content, I’m trying out a new one: Debate TIA. The basic idea is this: let’s jump on Tech In Asia and talk about controversial or interesting topics that are important to us. This time, I’d love to hear from you guys who think is better: Alibaba or Amazon? And why?

Currently, Alibaba’s market cap is US$162.9 billion compared to Amazon’s US$232.9 billion. But these two companies are profoundly different, one emphasizes a model that requires massive capital investment in warehousing, infrastructure, in order to provide an almost high-end ecommerce offering with Prime and more. Alibaba, on the other hand, puts its energy into helping merchants grow their businesses and grows products that support them. Alibaba was founded just five years after Amazon and yet it’s market cap is crawling in. If we look far into the future, which model will come to dominate the world? Or is a battle at all? Where would you put your money?

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