Dragon Quest Heroes Guide: Side Quest Guide

Dragon Quest Heroes Guide: Side Quest Guide

Doing the Side Quests in Dragon Quest Heroes will help you earn near gear, materials and some cash. Some of the missions are easy, while others can be a bit confusing if you don’t know where to look. This Dragon Quest Heroes Side Quest Guide will help you find what you are looking for to complete all the quests!

Dragon Quest Heroes Side Quest Guide

I am doing this as I go so check back soon for updates! Alot of these can be done in the same zone as each other so watch out for that.

Improving On Perfection 1

You will need to bring three lumps of Iron ore to the Airship in order to beat this quest. These can be found on Slime Knights. You can find these in the Caliburgh area and you can also do the side quest A Morbid Appeal at the same time. Your reward will be three additional Monster Medal slots.

Greedy For Ingredients 1

For this quest you will need to get three Grubby Bandages which can be found on Skeleton Soldiers. These are found in Sylvea, a bit later in the game. The reward is an increased Bag, pretty important.

Barred From The Bar

This quest is in Colissea and will have you protecting the Root again. Use your monster medals to protect it while you take out the portals. Bring Doric because his Triangle attack can take out large amounts of enemies quickly. I had two Golems protecting my root but I imagine 3 Shield Knights would work also.

You can also do Water To-Do during this quest by getting items of Healing Slimes. Your reward is 1000 Gold.

No Bed Of Roses

This is a kill quest. You will need to kill 100 Imps in order to beat the quest. You can find them in Colissea, bring Doric for his Deliverance attack. You can also just progress through the story and pick these up as you go. Your reward will be a Faerie Flame.

Ready For That Jelly

To beat this quest you will need to get two Slimdrops, which you should already have. If not you get these from Slimes and they are pretty common. You get a Gold Nugget for beating this quest.

Water To-Do

Here you will need to get 3 Fresh Waters and turn them in, they can be found on Healing Slimes. The Healing Slimes can be found in Colissea. This can be done during the Barred From The Bar side quest as well. This will get you another Mini Medal.

A Morbid Appeal

This quest has you collecting three Wings Of Bat from Drackies in the field. You can find these in the Caliburgh area and you can also do the side quest Improving On Perfection with it. Your reward is A phial of Sainted Soma.

Divine Retrigootion

You will need to kill a ton of Slimes (200 to be exact) to beat this quest. You can complete this in one go at the Fields of Goold. The reward for this is 1000 gold.

Canning The Laughter

Another kill quest that has you killing Bog O’ Laughs 60 times. You can find them in Colissea, in the arena and in the alley to the right of the Arena. The reward here 2000 Gold.

Hard As Nails

This is a really simple one. All you need is 3 Iron Nails from Skeletons. I had enough to turn this in right away. You can find them in Caliburgh if you don’t have them already. Your reward is a Mini Medal.

Ideal Garden Expedition

Another one that I already had the things for. You need 3 Emerald Moss and 2 Royal Soil to beat this quest. The Moss is from Heal Slimes and the Soil is from Golems. The reward for this one is a Celestial Skein.

Toolz Uv The Traid

This quest wants you to collect 2 Lumps of Iron Ore. I farmed the Slime Knights earlier so I had these, just go back to Caliburgh and finish it if you need to. This reward is a Silver Nugget.

Triks Uv The Traid

You will need to collect two Flintstones from Golems for this quest. You can get them in Colissa or Sylvea, I had more luck in Sylvea. The reward is 2000 Gold.

Intensity Training

You do this one over on Training Island. You will be learning how to use you Tension gauge better. The first part is building up your gauge in 2 minutes. You will want to use combos like square square square triangle and so on. Avoiding using Inferno slash, it’s great for clearing out enemies but terrible for building up the meter. When you run out of enemies just camp under the portal and use it to build up the gauge. This took me two tries to complete.

For the next part you will have to build the gauge up again and use your special attack on the robot. That is the only way to kill the robot and beat the quest. Do your combos and finish the bot off.

Tips from: www.gamersheroes.com