Logitech’s MX Master mouse: control up to three devices

logitech mx master

Functionality-wise, computer mice have not changed this much in recent time. Apart from different button layouts and programmable buttons, there has not been much change at all in this area.

Logitech’s MX Master Wireless Mouse changes that. It ships with a unique feature that allows you to control up to three devices that you have paired the mouse with.

Controlling several systems with a single mouse can be quite useful, especially so if you work with multiple devices regularly.

I run two systems side by side for example and programs like ShareMouse or Mouse Without Borders allow me to use one mouse on both of them. Even better, it is possible to copy data between all connected devices.

Logitech’s solution is different in two key aspects. First, it requires that you switch between devices using a hardware switch that has been placed at the bottom of the device. While that is certainly fine for occasional switching, it seems impracticable if you need to switch regularly (and quickly) between devices.

The second difference is that control is all you get as you cannot copy data between devices using the mouse. That does not have to be an issue depending on how you use the devices but if you need to transfer clipboard data or files at times, this may not work for you.

The mouse supports two connection options: Logitech Unifying which allows you to connect up to six Logitech devices to the system and Bluetooth Smart technology. The latter allows you to control the three devices. There are requirements for it to work though.

First, the mouse needs to be in range of each system that you want to control. Second, only Bluetooth Smart computers are supported.

Additional features

While connectivity to up to three devices is certainly the main feature of the mouse, it is not the only one that is worth of note.

The wireless mouse uses a rechargeable battery that can be charged for a day’s use in just four minutes according to Logitech. Charging time may vary depending on how the system and mouse are used. The four minute figure is based on six hours of office use.

If you work longer hours or use the mouse more often than office workers, then you may need to charge it longer for it to work all day long.

A full charge lasts up to 40 days according to Logitech which it bases on six hours of office work as well.

As far as buttons are concerned, the mouse ships with five of them. The mouse wheel is speed-adaptive and switches automatically between scrolling modes depending on how fast you spin the wheel.

Last but not least, a thumb wheel has been added by Logitech allowing you to scroll horizontally or use other operations using it such as flipping pages or switching applications.

The mouse will be made available next month for $99.99.

Closing Words

The option that allows you to control up to three devices using the same mouse sounds interesting on paper. I cannot see it being used that much on the other hand due to the way you switch between devices.

While it may make sense if you use the mouse on different stations in an office, I cannot see the advantage of this over using mice connected to these devices.

Considering that you cannot transfer data between devices, it is less practicable than using software for that purpose provided that all devices you want to control are connected to the same computer network.

Now You: Which mouse are you using and why?

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