China’s Loongson Releases GS464E Processor Architecture and Processors 3A2000, 3B2000


Chinese chipmaker Loongson Technology on Aug. 18 released its latest processor architecture GS464E and two processors that are based on the GS464E, China’s Leiphone website reported. The two processors, 3A2000 and 3B2000, are both quad-core and the former one was unveiled for the very first time.

The 3B2000 processor will reportedly be used in China-made octa-core and 16-core CPU, while the 3A2000 will compete in the consumer electronics market with Intel and AMD. However, Loongson’s latest processors are still made with 40nm technology, which is falling behind the mainstream CPU. Loongson plans to release a 28nm 3B3000, which is expected to enhance the company’s competiveness.

Loongson also released an autonomous instruction system called the LoongISA, which expanded instructions for java virtual machine instructions, basic instructions, and binary translations instructions from 500 to nearly 1,400.

Loongson chief designer Hu Weiwu said that Loongson has completed its transition from a research-centered institution to a market-centered company since its establishment in 2010 and is gradually reducing its dependence on the government.

However, Loongson is faced with a tough fight against Intel and AMD. At the product launch, companies including Sugon Information Industry, China Aerospace Science and Industry, Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Neusoft Corp. and Ruijie Networks became part of Loongson’s ecosystem and released products and solutions that use Loongson’s 3A, 3B and 2H series processors.