Creative machines on show for Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest

Mater Christi College

Overall winners and Audience Choice Award recipients, Mater Christi College

School students from across Victoria brought their engineering a-game to the University of Melbourne this week, battling it out to create the strangest machines possible as part of the Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest.

Spaghetti Machines are similar to Rube Goldberg Machines – highly complex contraptions designed to complete a simple task in a series of bizarre and entertaining steps.

Inspired by Wallace and Gromit, this year’s machines were tasked with making breakfast in the most ingenious manner imaginable. Students were asked to complete the task in a minimum of 12 steps.

Taking out the top honours in the competition was Mater Christi College with a colourful machine that used materials as diverse as marbles and dominoes, an air pump, a drawbridge and a toy train. Mater Christi also picked up the Audience Choice award with their popular creation.

The latest prize follows Mater Christi’s success in last year’s contest, where they tied with Girton Grammar for the top prize.

The other prizes went to:

Wodonga Senior Secondary College: Technical Excellence
Sunbury College: Green Machine Award
Footscray City College: Spaghetti with Everything Prize
King David School: “Spirit of the Spaghetti” Prize

Mater Christi College’s news website provides further details of the winning machine.

Images: Peter Casamento