FXPRIMUS – The Safest Place To Trade, Now Accepts Funding via Bitcoin


One of the world’s leading online forex brokers, FXPRIMUS, has partnered with BitPay to begin accepting funding via bitcoin.

FXPRIMUS is one of the first global brokers to offer funding via bitcoin, as a measure to help traders diversify their trading portfolio – a known risk-reduction strategy, which is in line with its safe-trading philosophy. Known for taking extra security measures to protect traders, the company has engaged third-party payments processor BitPay to manage their transactions. BitPay is experienced in managing high-volume bitcoin transactions for over 60,000 merchant globally, as well as payment service providers, including companies like for Neteller, Adyen, Microsoft, and others.

FXPRIMUS currently accepts payment from a range of bitcoin wallets using advanced payment protocol technology. This technology facilitates users to withdraw any deposited bitcoins, back to the same wallet which funded the account. By lowering risk of fraud in this way, FXPRIMUS exemplifies the highest standards of safety, and is pioneering secure bitcoin payment in the forex industry.

CEO & Director of FXPRIMUS, Terry Thompson commented: “With security at the forefront of our operations here at FXPRIMUS, we are now delighted to announce the appointment of BitPay – as part of our overall efforts to increase our range of offerings to our clients worldwide, whilst not compromising on safety.

General Manager of BitPay Marcel Roelants commented: “We are very excited to be connecting the first FX broker to BitPay’s platform. Bitcoin will complement the already wide trading portfolio of FXPRIMUS, and as such could bring new customers to FXPRIMUS at a lower cost.

Source: technews.co