Taiwan’s 4G Carriers to Develop Smart City Applications


The Industrial Development Bureau signed a pact with four Taiwanese wireless carriers on Wednesday to develop smart city applications nationwide, based on the fourth-generation (4G) LTE mobile network.

The bureau has approved 19 proposals put forward by Chunghwa Telecom Co. Taiwan Mobile Co., Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., and Asia Pacific Telecom Co., which are estimated to cost NT$5.82 billion (US$179 million) over the next three years.

The project is expected to attract more than 2 million users, who will pay for proposed 4G-based services such as cash flow management, entertainment, transportation, and security, creating up to NT$30 billion worth of business opportunities, Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported.

At the signing ceremony, Chunghwa Telecom President Shih Mu-piao said that his company’s 4G smart city applications are supported by 15 of Taiwan’s total 23 counties and cities, with the aim of attracting 600,000 users before the government’s 4G smart city project expires in June 2017.

Far EasTone said it is developing smart city services in Tainan, including an integrated security system that will provide real-time surveillance images via wearable devices connected to 4G networks.

Source: technews.co