Avira PC Cleaner review


Avira PC Cleaner is an on-demand scanner that you may use to scan a Windows computer for infections, and remove malicious code that is found by the program.

On-demand scanners are often called second-opinion scanners, as they may be run next to any installed antivirus solution.

The main idea is to verify that resident security software is working correctly and that no malicious software slipped by it.

While running on-demand scanners is no guarantee that the system is indeed clean, it increases the likelihood that it is.

Avira PC Cleaner

avira pc cleaner

PC Cleaner is not Avira’s first on-demand scanner. The makers of the popular Avira Free Antivirus for Windows published Avira De-Cleaner years ago which offered similar functionality.

The program itself is portable, but you need to download data from the Internet when you run it before it can start scanning the PC.

Avira PC Cleaner is a bare bones application that lists only one option in its interface after the end user agreement.

You may run a full scan of the system or a quick scan by removing the checkmark from the full scan preference.

A click on scan system starts the scan. Scan time depends on several factors and may take quite some time to complete. It took more than an hour to complete on a test system for instance.

The program indicates if malware is found, but does not give you any indication about its type during the scan.

Avira PC Cleaner displays the number of threats found after the scan.

avira pc cleaner threats

You may hit the remove all button right there, but that is not suggested as you get no indication what the threats actually are.

Since there is a chance that Avira found false positives, it is highly recommended to click on view details first to evaluate the findings.


The details listing — if you want to call it that — lists file names and the threats they contain. There is no path information on the other hand which makes it difficult to put the finding in context.

All you can do to find out more is to use third-party programs, Windows Search or a faster solution such as Everything, to do so. Also, locating the file on your computer gives you options to scan it with an online service such as Virustotal.

Closing Words

Avira PC Cleaner is a free on-demand scanner that is backed by Avira’s powerful antivirus engine. As is the case for programs of its kind, it is quite limited in what you can do with it. Basically, all there is, is to scan the system, and to remove infections that are found during the scan.

Some options, the ability to only scan the main drive or excluding certain directories come to mind, would certainly be useful.

The lack of information on the details screen is another thing that Avira should consider fixing. The information listed there now make it difficult to do research on your own, and that is what users should do before they hit the remove button.

All files found during scans of test systems were false positives.

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