ID Fraud is growing & what can be done about it [Infographic]



Every single day, billions of pieces of personal data are shared online. This creates more opportunity than ever before for criminals to intercept and use this information to commit financial fraud using identity theft.

The research below, compiled by Equifax, shows how the problem has grown in the United Kingdom and also how a lack of public awareness compounds the problem of identity fraud.

Statistics show that 23% of people questioned revealed they never change their passwords, leaving them vulnerable to leaks from data breaches, with 7% of people sharing personal information over the phone or via email with companies who they did not initiate contact with. Add phishing, stolen documents and lost devices to the mix and there’s a feast of potential data for thieves to abuse.

The infographic also includes some basic tips on how you can avoid becoming a victim of identity theft and how fraudsters go about making money from your data.

Are you losing your identity? We look at
the growth of identity fraud and what can be done about it