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Tips for Choosing a Ragdoll Breeder

Ragdoll cats are often found through breeders. You cannot find many ragdoll cats at animal shelters or local pounds because they are a desirable breed and expensive. However, all breeders are not the same. It is wise that you carefully select a breeder. To start, come up with a list of potential breeders. Spend some time online and ask other ragdoll cat owners. To narrow down your search, you should examine the breeders you list. Below are tips to enable you to select the best ragdoll breeder.

Which food does a breeder feed his/her ragdoll cats? You are looking for a Ragdoll cat for sale or for your family hence the need to know what it eats. While you may see it good to feed a cat with the food you see suitable in your home, some cats have health issues that need them to only eat certain or specific foods. Glossing over this question can make you buy a cat that has a sensitive stomach hence needing to only eat the most costly cat food. To avoid realizing this after you feed your cat and it gets sick, ask this beforehand.

You should ask about family history. You are not planning to buy a ragdoll cat without knowing whether it comes from a family with a history of illnesses or if its mother was healthy during pregnancy. You are using a lot of money in buying your cat, so you ought to have some kind of guarantee that you are not purchasing one with a family history of diseases. A good breeder is more than ready to issue you with the parents’ health records. These records ought to indicate every procedure the cat has been through, all health-related concerns, and all veterinary visits. If a breeder is hesitant to provide you with a cat’s family history, he/she could be hiding something.

Ensure you get references. It is crucial to ask a potential ragdoll cat breeder for a list of persons who have bought his/her cats previously. This will help you to know if cat owners are happy with their cats, if they would recommend that breeder, and if they have a good experience with that breeder. Some breeders may not be ready to hand out this list because they know you will be surprised by what those that purchased cats before have to say. After getting this list, contact them and ask any question you think will help you to know if the breeder is the right choice.

Does the breeder seem to push you to make a choice? Getting a ragdoll cat is a big responsibility. You must feel right about it hence not needing to be coerced. If a breeder tries to quicken the process or pressure you to decide about the kitten, look elsewhere as this behavior is unethical. You and a breeder should connect. He/she should also be transparent about all you require to know and a person you won’t have a problem contacting later for medical and care questions or even for another cat.

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