Secure Your Wifi Connection

It is really crucial that you make sure that your wifi network in your house remains secured. There are few quick and easy to do steps which you’ll do to help make your wifi secure.

Open Router’s Settings Page-

Go on your web browser and type in “” in order to access it. From there, enter your proper account information in the designated boxes and press enter. You can find your account in your router’s user manual. Some routers in addition have their manual situated on Google.

Create a Unique Password-

Create a different, unique and personalized password for the router which no person can guess. Do not keep a generic or possibly a default password to your wifi router. Also, bear in mind to reprogram your password every quarter or so.

Change Network SSID Name-

Changing your NETWORK SSID name would help as it’ll help others are aware that it is not a default network, knowning that it might be secure. Don’t maintain your family names, numbers or home addresses because your SSID names.

Network Encryption-

This is a crucial task. There are a many encryptions around. In the newest routers, WPA2 is regarded as the secure one, and WEP the very least secure. Choose your encryption accordingly.

Filtering PC Mac Addresses

A Mac addresses is definitely an inbuilt address within your device’s networking equipment. It is comparable to an IP addresses, apart from it can’t be changed. For more protection, it’s fine to use Mac addresses of the your devices on your wifi network. To do that, find your devices’ Mac addresses. In PC, use command prompt and type “ipconfig /all”. You will see your Mac address contrary to the name ‘Physical Address’. In your phone, you will discover your Mac address under networking settings. Simply add these Mac addresses in your wifi router’s administrative settings. Now only they will be able to access your wifi.

Reducing your Wifi’s Range

The easiest way to perform that is usually to put the router in the spare room in a shoe box, in order to wrap foil around its antennas. Similarly, you may also change your wifi router’s mode to 802.11g rather than any other mode.

Upgrading Your Wifi’s Software

This is additionally important as with new updates, you additionally get new security updates for ones router. Check your current firmware version by going to “” and checking it from the administration setting or dashboard.

Recover Android Data After Factory Reset

There are many instances when people factory reset their android smartphone. Mostly they actually it when their memory gets full, the performance with the device becomes slow caused by a lot of applications, there exists some malware related trouble with the phone, or when we are selling it or doing it away to someone.

The means of factory reset was designed to be to ensure that whenever user does a reset, every data and setting gets deleted from one’s phone, which takes the product back to exactly the same condition in so it was gets hotter came out in the factory, this provides you with existence towards the term ‘factory’ reset.

How to Do a Factory Reset?

To execute a reset, all you need to do is head to their Android smartphone’s Settings section. From there, go to your System settings, in which you will find the Advanced option. In the section, the is definitely an option called reset, that you simply need to choose so as to perform a factory reset. Remember, always support your important data for instance contacts, music along with other things you find important before conducting a factory reset.

Is Data Recoverable After a Factory Reset?

Yes, it ought to be known that Android info is recoverable despite if one does a reset. This is a essential thing, as it might be of help towards the people who lost something important, and it could possibly be harmful for many who did a factory reset to shield their data.

There are various tools and softwares that you can get with that you just can extract your cellphone’s deleted data. All you should do is seek out them online, download them and utilize them for extracting deleted data coming from a mobile phone. It is a quite easy process indeed.

Now fit, will we still protect our data? The answer to which is also yes. You can still protect important computer data.

Let us look concerning how which can be done-

Built-in Encryption of Android Devices-

Before Android released their operating-system Marshmallow 6.0, the Android phones failed to come with default encryption. One had to put it up before performing a factory reset to ensure their recovered data is not directly.

But considering that the Marshmallow 6.0 update, the device comes with encryption that is already enabled, which means even if you recover your phone’s data, you will not be able to access directly without checking encryption.

Cloud Backup-

Cloud backup can be another thing you ought to look at. Most phones right now sync some important data on Google Drive from the place you can recover it on the new device or perhaps your older one even though a factory reset by accessing your Google account.

However, there is no guarantee that cloud backups like Google Drive is entirely safe. In fact, it does not take exact the complete opposite of safe. There have been many cases of cloud storages of individuals being hacked in addition to their data being stolen, so bear in mind to keep only unimportant data in your Google cloud storage.