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Effective DNA Sequencing for Microbial Identification

Microbial biology is a discipline that has been in existence for a very long time. Microbials are harmful to humans in most cases hence making microbial biology to be a very important discipline. Among the harmful microorganisms are bacteria, yeasts and molds. It is not easy to identify them hence specialized analysis is required. There are innovative methods that have been established to handle microbial identification.

One of the tools that is vital in identification of microbials is the use of DNA sequencing. In DNA sequencing, genes are analyzed and studied carefully so as to establish the nature of microbials in question. Most microbiologists the world over use computer software while doing DNA sequencing in a bid to identify microbials. Using software, it is easy to identify the particular microbial under study or being sort out in the sample. The accuracy of the results produced using software is also high and reliable.

There are different methods employed by laboratories the world over to do microbial identification. For example, MIDI Labs uses software in order to do gene sequencing for the samples provided. The process that has been put in place by such laboratories is easy to follow. The first thing is the acceptance of carefully-packaged samples from customers. Secondly, the extraction process of genomic DNA from the organism will be done.

Extraction of the genomic DNA is followed by the arrangement of the strands in a double-stranded manner. The process used to do this is fluorescent sequencing chemistry. Only the most modern chemistry is used here in the arrangement of DNA strands. The organization of the raw sequences data files into sequences is then done at this very stage. Software is then used for the data analysis part. A common software for most labs is Sherlock DNA Software.

From consensus sequencing, identification reports are generated. The software to be used should be one with many functions. Apart from genotype analysis, the software should be able to handle more tasks. Software such as Sherlock DNA Software offer taxonomy as well as expanded library. This simplifies the microbial identification process and actually expedites it.

For your microbial identification work to be done right, you need to find the best lab to do it. The microbiologists in the lab should be very experienced. This will enable you to get only the best final results for your microbial identification. Ensure that the lab uses a software that is known to deliver good results. Such software brings about confidence in the client. The last thing is to ensure that you will get your work in good time. For most labs, some few days will do.

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